Dialog marketing – closer to the customer

In light of the economically difficult times and the heightened relevance of relationship marketing, it is increasingly important to launch specifically personalized and measurable marketing activities. Consumers reward a company that maintains a dialog with its customers and addresses them consistently over multiple channels and touch points, thereby creating added value. 

Possible applications of dialog marketing 

Customer loyalty: e-mail newsletters, birthday greetings, customer surveys, monitoring of entire customer journeys, contest with address corrections

Customer acquisition: lead acquisition, lead management, further recommendation campaigns, contest campaigns

Event marketing: invitation marketing, visitor management

Market research: user behavior, data acquisition, response measurement

One-time campaign or marketing portal?  

So, you not only want to launch a one-time campaign but are also interested in obtaining a tool that lets you autonomously manage your dialog marketing activities such as newsletters, event invitations and monitoring for various customer journeys? That is no problem with our marketing portal. We do the design work for you and train you. Then you can enter the texts on your own as well as autonomously planning your activities and reusing the designs.

Example of a one-time invitation campaign

Advantages you enjoy with dialog marketing 


  • Thanks to automation, you save time and personnel resources. The five steps – invite, follow up, confirm, remind, and thank – are carried out automatically without your intervention.


  • You have a constant overview of campaign success because every contact response appears in your dashboard in real time, e.g. the response to sent e-mails, the rate of participation in your offer, and the movements on your landing page.
  • The success of a campaign can be measured, allowing the corresponding activities to be optimized and communication to be refined.

Personalized form of address:

  • Customers can be addressed in a personalized way (content personalization, video personalization).

Better data quality:

  • During the campaign, customers can correct any inaccurate personal data on their own. If there is a connection to the CRM, the corrected data flows back into the CRM automatically.

Higher response rate:

  • Real-time measurement lets specific follow-ups be carried out in our dialog marketing campaigns. That, in turn, leads to a higher response rate than in conventional campaigns.

Everything from a single source:

  • With Stämpfli, you have a partner for everything:

Do you want to tackle your challenges using dialog marketing? If so, set an appointment with us now. It entails no commitments on your part. We assist you from initial concept to final evaluation in conducting a holistic integrated campaign tailored to your needs and to those of your target group.


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Florian Grützner
Florian Grützner

Teamleader Communication and Consulting

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