Media work

We’re happy to communicate with the media on your behalf and develop media campaigns specific to your target group. Our services include analysis, conception, developing custom media lists, writing and distributing media releases, post-processing (reporting / result testing) as well as continuous consultation. Together we can make your communication more successful!

Work flow

Analysis and conception

-  Familiarization / reading up on subject
-  Analysis / core messages
-  Conception / story development
-  Media work planning

Analysis and conception    2 PT at CHF 1440.00    Total CHF 2880.00

Media work

Media list development    6 ×CHF 160.00    Total CHF 960.00
Press release creation*    1 PT at CHF 1280.00    Total CHF 1280.00
Product PR creation*    6 ×CHF 160.00    Total CHF 960.00
Briefing text    2 ×CHF 180.00    Total CHF 360.00

Image processing    CHF 160.00 per hour
Tool-based electronic distribution    CHF 180.00 per language/version
Post-processing / reporting    CHF 180.00 per hour

*Approximation; actual expenditure to be verified in the conception phase.


Additional tasks

Consultation    CHF 200.00 per hour
Misc. coordination tasks    CHF 180.00 per hour
Image processing    CHF 150.00 per hour
Proofreading/editing    CHF 120.00 per hour
Photo shoots    based on actual expenditure
Public affairs    based on actual expenditure


Sandra Campana
Sandra Campana

Communication consultant

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