BLS: redesign of customer magazine

Underway with the “gazette” – by rail and online
More lively, digital, and interactive: Stämpfli Communication provides the customer magazine of BLS, one of Switzerland’s largest transport companies, with a complete makeover, extending the existing concept and creating a new imagery mood while providing additional online content.

Fresh appearance
BLS takes people to the Emmental and Entlebuch regions, into the Jura Mountains, through the Swiss Lakeland region and the Simmental, across the lakes of the Bernese Oberland, to Interlaken, and even to the Valais and Piemont regions via the Lötschberg mountain route. This is accomplished by the BLS’s trains, buses, boats, and car trains, but also in the form of stories, excursion tips, and event suggestions in the “gazette”, the BLS customer magazine. In the course of extending the existing concept, Stämpfli Communication also created a fresh and more uniform imagery, streamlined the type styles, and did away with some broad colored areas.

Interdisciplinary and networked
As a well-established Bernese company, Stämpfli offers a one-stop design experience. In order to fully leverage synergies, Stämpfli takes care of all aspects of producing the “gazette”, bringing together the entire workforce. Jointly with BLS and additional partners, the Stämpfli team does all the editorial work and takes care of linked online contents, the entire image and video development as well as storyboard creation and layout. In addition, Stämpfli is responsible not only for consulting and project management, but also for media prepress, image processing, production, and mailing.


Underway with Bänz
Perfect examples for the new digital contents are videos with acclaimed Swiss newspaper columnist, author, and cabaret artist Bänz Friedli whose contributions are considered by many readers the highlights of the “gazette”. Now Bänz’ fans can watch videos of him talking with fellow train travelers. Right from the start, Stämpfli Communication decided to bring the target audience aboard as well: travelers who would like to participate are welcome to apply for an entertaining train ride with Bänz.

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