HFTG: Booklet, Poster, Flyer

Starting a professional career as a wood technician or interior designer: this is what the Hochschule für Technik und Gestaltung Zug prepares its graduates for. Stämpfli Communications shows in a comprehensive booklet what students can expect during their training.

Services: Overall project management, consultation, concept, design, photo shoot, implementation, production

Strong on pictures

Work practice to thumb through
The institute is very practice-oriented, and the booklet reflects upon this thanks to its handy special format. An overview of the study programs is followed by colorful case studies and reports about partner projects – always enriched with comments and impressions by students or instructors.


Suitable for new vessels
At the work exhibition in the summer of 2017, graduates presented their work to a broad audience for the first time. The last few pages of the booklet showcase this new event at HFTG. At the same time, Stämpfli Communications implemented the event preview as a modular vessel: upcoming versions of the booklet can be supplemented with new sections.

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