Content Control Center

Our approach
«We used to create advertising. Nowadays we serve our target audiences authentic, moving stories. Tangible stories that evoke emotions.»

Dominic Eichenberger, agency head, Stämpfli Communication

Storytelling: In our Content Control Center we create believable, captivating stories for our clients.

Content Control Center
We achieve authentic communication by using honest contents that we relate in the form of emotionally believable stories.

Contents created by us: multi-media, networked and in all possible forms:

  • text
  • videos
  • pictures
  • images and animations

We create the contents according to the guidelines of brand identity and brand appearance.

With the following steps we help our clients to successfully reach their goals

  • analysis – blueprints, touchpoints, customer surveys, interviews, research, statistics, etc.
  • strategy – evaluating target groups, targets and positioning
  • conception – brand story, issues stories, touchpoints, editorial and contents concepts, flow of communication, etc.
  • creation – mood boards, layouts, scribbles, storyboards, draft texts, etc.
  • realization – scheduling and budgeting, coordination, organization, administration, template production, preproduction meeting, final artwork, editorial work and proofreading, translations, etc.
  • production – digital and analog communication instruments as well as communication in three dimensions such as trade shows, exhibitions, etc.
  • implementation – integration and insertion of contents into the individual communication instruments, maintaining and verifying contents
  • distribution – sending out the individual communication messages and their instruments
  • marketing – commercializing the means of communication, fine-tuning to optimize the marketing strategy
  • media – media planning based on integrated campaign planning
  • success monitoring – verifying targets, analyzing click-through rates

Many steps become a path: The client decides which ones to take with us.

Which process is the right one, which services are required to achieve the goals? For most of our clients we start by organizing a custom workshop to create a roadmap to success.

In addition we also offer standardized workshops and checks.

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