Stylistic confidence for your copy: our editing department is there for you

Use our language specialists to add final stylistic touches to your copy.

You can rely on our linguistically competent, quality-aware editing team for copy that reads “as if cast from a single mold”.

Individual customer care, broad general knowledge, and proactive thinking are prerequisites for successful editing. We optimize your copy using great care, diligence, and the necessary discretion. We can offer you several options to realize this task:

  • “track changes” mode in Microsoft Word
  • comments in PDF files
  • using the Stämpfli EditorBox

Just to name a few. Our editing team is committed to working in a client-oriented way, ensuring flexibility and strictly adhering to deadlines.

Is your copy already stylistically sound and doesn’t require editing? In that case you may want to consider proofreading in order to ensure grammatical and orthographical accuracy. We’re happy to help.

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