SMART_Lab simplifies your marketing processes and your creation of communication media.

In a single system, your central marketing unit can manage the budget, permissions, processes and communication media as well as templates complying with CI/CD specifications. At the same time, field offices adapt the easy-to-operate layout templates to meet your needs, conduct campaigns independently to the printing and shipping stage or order the needed merchandising products over the integrated web-to-print portal.

Using our marketing platform, companies with a decentralized organization profit especially from a uniform website featuring a maximum of individualized communication. Your team can professionally implement content with ease and efficiency, both internally and externally.





What would you consider an ideal solution? How can your existing processes be designed in a simpler and transparent way that is also lasting? The team of consultants at Stämpfli AG thoroughly examines your current situation, analyzing your needs and pointing out approaches that are tailored to them. The following SMART_Lab modules and functions can be combined as desired.


  • Commissioning, training, and documentation
  • Users controlled by company administrators
  • Individually defined authorization concept and approval processes

  • Remote creation of means of communications via templates
  • Editing text and images while maintaining the CI/CD
  • Mail merge and personalization functions
  • Image administration, complete with connection to external database (if desired)

booklet maker

  • Combining multi-page sales or training materials from various document types into a single booklet
  • Easy preparation for print or online use
  • Automated addition of fixed components (e.g. introduction, terms and conditions, etc.)

responsive advertising

  • Creation of means of communication whose extent may vary considerably, e.g. advertisement
  • Responsive adaptation of various elements to the required format and corresponding adaptation with one click

  • Scheduling and budget management for marketing campaigns
  • Central coordination of actions with many remote participants
  • Administration of various delivery channels

  • Standardized order entry
  • Controlled, transparent process flow
  • Overview of responsibilities, deadlines, time required, and cost

  • Ordering articles with individual or fixed delivery and billing addresses
  • Automatic price calculation
  • Individual approval processes and cost center assignment

  • Easy creation of documentation
  • Structured storage of corporate know-how
  • Full-text search, including stored PDF files


Hanspeter Wöhrle
Hanspeter Wöhrle

Sales Manager

Nina Ramershoven
Nina Ramershoven

Head Digital Printing

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