Reader marketing

With our experience in reader marketing, our expertise and the necessary resources, we are prepared to handle the marketing of your trade journals and online magazines. In these efforts, we distinguish between subscriber loyalty, the recovery of former subscribers and the acquisition of new subscribers. 

Subscriber loyalty

The goal is to carry out measures geared to the target group so that readers develop a closer relationship with a magazine and subscribers are kept longer. These efforts begin with direct contacts, letters, and collection. Above and beyond that, there are various ways of offering magazine customers added value: perks, additional products, services or exclusive offers. 

Recovery of subscribers

The recovery of former subscribers is the most promising measure in subscription marketing. This recovery work can be institutionalized with individualized processes and offers and can help to attain optimum return rates. Your financial resources are planned and employed as economically as possible. 

Acquisition of subscribers

Based on your budget, we devise custom measures geared to your target group. Our services for you run the gamut from A to Z: design of the measures, efficient address management, that means the purchasing of potential addresses, optimum form of address and campaign design, on-schedule implementation and response management with assessments in line with your requirements. 

To be able to provide you with full publishing services, we work hand in hand with Stämpfli Communication and Stämpfli Production. These far-ranging services let us offer you interesting terms and conditions for your activities.


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Andi Huggel
Andi Huggel

Head of communication for associations

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