Cendres+Métaux: Visual appearance & packaging design

Tradition since 1885

Over 130 years ago, Cendres+Métaux was founded as a small precious metal smelter in the Swiss town of Biel/Bienne. Today the company operates on a global scale in the fields of medical technology and luxe & industry. Quality and innovation are the pillars upon which C+M is built.


Visual presentation

For the launch of the new esthetic.line products, Stämpfli Communication created a new visual presentation. At its core are high-quality materials that need to be mixed/liquefied before modelling a tooth. The reduced presentation shows all the essentials at a glance!

Services: brand consulting, overall project management, conceptualization, design, photography, implementation, production

Packaging Design

The key visual combines the existing brand elements – such as the logo and the typography – to create a puristic presentation. Cendres+Métaux use this design for their packaging, ads, brochures and other promotional materials.

Work instructions

These compact work instructions for professionals are a classy table calendar.

Stämpfli Communication is responsible for conceptualization, implementation, and production.

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