Elektra: CI/CD & Award

Appealing and dynamic
Elektra is a dependable power-grid operator with strong roots in the Swiss region of Bern/Solothurn. Thanks to its strong commitment and passion for energy efficiency and sustainability, the cooperative is a true leader in its field.
Elektra: a customer-oriented, innovative energy service provider for the future.


Experience energy
Concept, creation, and implementation of the new imagery on the image and product levels. The imagery is focused on closeness with the customer, renewable energy, dependability, regional roots, and recognizability. The new visuals make energy tangible and make Elektra shine in a new light.

Services: Concept, design, writing and editing contents, implementation, and overall project management

CI/CD overhaul

Clear and independent
The existing corporate designs received an overhaul based on the following brand values: solid, proactive, innovative. Designs were enhanced with a description of the corporate identity and corporate wording. To be used on company stationery, brochures, and various labels and letterings.

Services: Concept, design, implementation, and overall project management

Energy Award

The region needs heroes
Guidance in the setup and conception of the Energy Award. Development of a visual presence and an overall theme. Conception and design of accompanying measures as well as the award and certificates

Services: Concept, design, editing, implementation, and overall project management

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