Stämpfli AG provided consultation services for fenaco’s corporate publication processes. A workshop was held to assess the current state of affairs and scrutinize the production methods in place at the present time.
Based on the current state, Stämpfli AG developed a target process, which was discussed with the editorial team.
After the workshop the configuration parameters were determined and the system was put into operation. In addition, the editorial team was trained.

In a different part of the project the existing image database of fenaco’s corporate communication department was replaced by our Elvis DAM. The original image database consisted of several thousand images, including many redundant ones. Elvis DAM paved the way for a complete relaunch: the old data was sorted, and only the currently relevant data was kept. Together with a core team at fenaco UK, a concept for the configuration of Elvis DAM was developed. Categories were configured, and additional fields for the acquisition of metadata were defined. In addition, fenaco now has a concept for administering the data.

Services: Prepress, process consulting/optimization, concept, system integration

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