FOPH, Radiation Protection Division

New design and implementation for FOPH publications
The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has commissioned Stämpfli Communications to design and implement its new publications. The corresponding contract was awarded to the communication agency in collaboration with Stämpfli Premedia in a tender procedure. Instructions, fact sheets and final reports were produced as part of this project. These documents are now used by the Radiation Protection Division to explain and interpret specifications and to communicate its own activities.


Services: concept, design and implementation, consulting and project management

“Light as a Wave” as the guiding principle

Abstract approaches to characterize the new visual world
Radiation is difficult to visualize symbolically. Stämpfli Communications therefore depends on staging the concept abstractly and takes up its very essence. The term “radiation” denotes the propagation of particles or waves by definition. Colors and moving waves are therefore employed to express technical facts in creative, appealing key visuals. This look is effective in moving images as well as statically.


Step-by-step implementation

From creative guiding principle to practical application
Stämpfli Communications is responsible for the design concept and content outline whereas Premedia at Stämpfli AG takes care of the Word templates used by the FOPH editors and implements about 40 other publications. Moreover, there are plans to introduce the Stämpfli EditorBox content management system as a next project step.


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