ingold-biwa: Customer survey tool

Customer survey tool
Ingold-Biwa, a leading enterprise for learning materials, launched an online customer survey with the goal of improving their services. Stämpfli Communications and Stämpfli Publishing Systems were jointly responsible for the dialog marketing campaign.


Exciting questions
The recipients were invited per email to follow a personalized link to the online survey. In order to create an incentive for participating, the survey was coupled with a contest.


Don’t forget
Customers who did not respond to the email invitation received a reminder via email.


Just one click away
After having completed the survey, contest participation was just one click away via a personalized form.


Ideal overview
Statistics about the campaign status were delivered in real time – from opening each email message all the way to the number of contest participations. The answers to the survey could be retrieved as an Excel table.

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