kioSwiss: New communication appearance

From “SKIV” to “kioSwiss”

Stämpfli Communication created a new brand identity for the Swiss Association of Kiosk Owners. The new name, a modified logo, and new fonts are important cornerstones of the modern brand identity.

Tried and true, presented in a new light

Brand identity in yellow esthetics

A chewing gum, a lollipop, or maybe a quick coffee to go: kiosks and newsstands are stores that offer products for small, daily necessities. This simplicity is reflected in the new imagery. In front of a yellow backdrop, top selling products are presented in an esthetically pleasing, yet simple way. The product presentation is complemented by portraits of people who carry “kioSwiss” in their hearts: the owners, operators, and customers of kiosks and newsstands.

The newly created website concentrates on information and special offers. Stämpfli Communication created a comprehensive printed image brochure and roll-ups with a modern touch. These new presentations strengthen the position of “kioSwiss” as an expert in the area of small-scale retail outlets.

Services: consultation, concept, design, text, production

New website

In collaboration with Stämpfli Communication and on the basis of the new brand image, Stämpfli Internet has developed the new website for KioSwiss. With its clear layout and menu navigation, users can easily access all important information.
For further information on this reference, see KioSwiss web presence.


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