Publisher: Coverstory & Film

It’s just like baking:
Successful integrated communication requires the right ingredients, the proper skills, and lots of passion to achieve the desired results. Contrary to baking, however, our ingredients are called concept, consulting, creation, text, and interaction design.

The Cover Story

Whet the appetite
Communication is an emotional experience and is only truly successful if it can stimulate multiple senses. With an eye-catching cross-media approach our creative team members managed to whet the readers’ appetites in the pre-holiday season.

Services: Concept, consultation, creation, text, implementation, photography/film, and project management.


From inception to the finished ad
The entire process – from inception to orchestration to implementation of the ad – was performed solely by team members of the agency. The story revolves around a likeable protagonist named “Spitzbueb”.

LandingPage & Film

Networking cross-media fashion
Starting with the cover, the story was continued as a cross-media project at Photos and film were designed and implemented entirely by apprentices.

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