SFV: magazine «swissfire FAMILY»

Serving fire-fighters
The Swiss fire-fighting force is 91,000 members strong. The Swiss fire-fighters’ association SFV represents the interests of their members and supports their training.


The magazine for fire-fighters
Launch of the new “swissfire FAMILY” magazine. The first edition had a circulation of approx. 90,000 copies and was created in close in-house cooperation: Stämpfli Communications developed the design concept while Stämpfli Specialized Media was responsible for advertising management and Stämpfli Production took care of the printing process. Images in the form of pictograms provide a clear overview of the editorial contents. Reading is pleasurable thanks to a large number of pictures that also create closeness to the sometimes very personal stories.

Services:Consultation, project management, concept, design, implementation, proofreading, production, ad management


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