SMART_Lab for Husqvarna Schweiz AG

Husqvarna going for user-friendliness in marketing

Husqvarna is famous for top performance combined with user-friendliness and safety. For over 300 years, the Swedish company has been famous for its motorized tools for forestry, gardening, and landscaping, that are characterized by a maximum of environmental compatibility, the highest ergonomic demands, and leading edge technology.

Customer challenges

  • Sales only through dealers; no direct sales
  • Husqvarna needs to encourage dealers to market their products
  • Branding and distribution of blanket Husqvarna mailings by dealers required lengthy processes (orders by fax, etc.)
  • High inhibition threshold for dealers; marketing required huge manual efforts

Our solution

Thanks to SMART_Lab, the marketing platform developed by Stämpfli, dealers are now able on their own to insert and release dealer imprints online. Based on their advertising budget they can also choose directly in the system how many households they want to receive blanket mailings with custom imprints.

Advantages with SMART_Lab

  • Simple, intuitive platform
  • Independent, fast upload of imprints by dealers
  • Secured CI/CD
  • Implemented in three languages
  • Optimized process, which reduces inhibitions for dealers
  • Greater autonomy for dealers, reduced effort for the central marketing department
  • Continuous cost overview for dealers and Husqvarna’s central marketing office
  • Data generation for all process participants with only a few mouse clicks
  • Modular, expandable solution

Services: Concept, project management, programming of SMART_Lab marketing portal, production of dealer catalog using digital printing, mailing

Products: Catalogs

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