Stöckli Swiss Sports AG: Ads

Stöckli going for quality and speed in marketing as well

Stöckli was founded in 1935. Today the company not only sells skis but also mountain bikes and e-bikes, and not just in Switzerland but also throughout the EU as well as in Australia and the USA.

Customer challenges

  • Global and decentralized dealer structures and partner stores
  • Timeconsuming processes due to dependencies on Stöckli main office in Switzerland
  • High inhibition threshold by dealers in regards to ordering marketing materials

Our solution

With SMART_Lab dealers can now easily create custom ads and posters on their own. Dealers can insert their own logo into dynamically scalable templates, which can be sized to any desired dimension, ensuring secured CI/CD.

Advantages with SMART_Lab

  • Simple, intuitive platform
  • Dynamically scalable ads and posters
  • Secured CI/CD
  • Process optimization, thereby reducing the reluctance by dealers to conduct marketing in the name of Stöckli
  • Greater autonomy for dealers, reduced effort for the central marketing department
  • Overview for dealers and central marketing in regards to costs and the designed ads and posters
  • Modular solution that can be expanded at any time

Services: Concept, project management, SMART_Lab programming, regular adaptations of templates to customer specifications

Products: Ads for ski and bike product ranges

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