Swiss Alpine Club SAC

To produce the magazine “Die Alpen” of the Swiss Alpine Club, almost the whole range of services of Stämpfli Production is needed.

First, the editorship plans their edition in Desknet and transmits the article structure via interface into the editing system. The Stämpfli premedia in Bern will then individually design the pages in EditorBox according to the design concept and edit the images in the demanded high-end quality. Following, our specialists will copyedit in the editing system and proofread the magazine in German, French and Italian.
The magazine is printed in Bern on a 4-color web and sheet-fed offset press. Additionally, it is finished with dispersion varnish of the cover and wire-stitching. The magazine is film-wrapped for dispatching.
After the print approval, it is again our premedia that transmits the articles including the series of images and captions via XML onto the website.

Services: premedia, copyediting and proofreading, printing, editing system including support, article design, page assembly, image editing, advertising pages, XML creation, varnishing, binding, wire-stitching, film wrapping, dispatching

Product: magazine



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