Swiss Red Cross

A plus for integrated service

Stämpfli Ltd. and Stämpfli Publishers Ltd. were able to gain the Swiss Red Cross as a client by offering it an overall integrated solution – from planning to execution. The project encompassed various service sectors in the Stämpfli value chain and was the result of close collaboration within the company. A major plus was the expertise of Stämpfli Publishing Services in conceptual and content consulting.

The nationally relevant humanitarian organization chose Stämpfli Communications as the communications agency to produce its cross-media design concept, which featured a book and a microsite; the task was completed within the specified budget.

Services available from Stämpfli Communications: Overall project management for the book, microsite, and substitute publication incorporating existing SRC CD guidelines, screen design, consulting. 

The Web agency Stämpfli Internet executed the project using an extremely agile approach. Over the course of the project, the agency supported the client through multiple reviews and alternative proposals regarding the time line.

Services available from Stämpfli Internet: Website implementation based on concept from communications, project management. 

Services available from Stämpfli Production: proofreading and language comparison of the microsite and the book in three languages (German, French, Italian), implementation in the layout and entering of the website content by the pre-media department as well as printing and processing of the bound book.

By incorporating the publication in its non-fiction book program, Stämpfli Publishers Ltd. assured distribution of the publication in the book trade and on the Internet as well as to private customers and further sales channels. Stämpfli Publishers Ltd. saw to the registration of the ISBN No., entry into electronic directories and catalogs, and media work. 

Services available from Stämpfli Publishers Ltd.: Advice about content and proofreading (text quality, layout, structure, etc.), overall coordination and project management of book production. 

The book can be ordered at the Stämpfli Shop.


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