Tierpark Bern: clubmagazine «UHU»

Serving the animals
Tierparkverein Bern is an association of more than 9000 animal supporters. Since its inception in the year 1930 it has been responsible for operating the Dählhölzli zoo in Bern as well as Bern’s bear park. Four times a year, the club magazine with a circulation of 15,000 copies informs the readers about the association’s activities and new developments at the zoo.


Small, but impressive
Redesign of the UHU club magazine and development of a contents concept, including a page for kids and a page for club members. The result: 95 percent of 350 written feedback letters were positive.

The layout of the UHU club magazine is done entirely by media designer apprentices. After the images are processed, the print data are output. This periodical is an autonomous production of the apprenticeship department.

Services:Consultation, concept, design, implementation, production


For kids and adult readers 
Young & Old – the new magazine appeals to all age groups and offers something for everyone.


Greetings from Bern’s world of animals
Design of new postcards to complement the new communications presence. Four greeting cards with different subjects allow visitors to send personal impressions from the zoo.

Services:Consultation, concept, design, implementation, production

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