TopPharm chooses quality and transparency in marketing as well

TopPharm was founded in 1993 as an association and converted to a cooperative in 2015. In the rapidly expanding healthcare industry TopPharm is an alternative to pharmacy chains – a group committed to quality, transparency, fairness, and innovation.

Customer challenges

  • Six times a year, 130 pharmacies should be able to design their own personalized editorials in the “TopPharm Ratgeber” customer magazine
  • In the past, data and text were sent by fax from member pharmacies to the main office
  • This required time-consuming manual processes
  • Evaluation of a new solution with the goal of saving agency fees as well as unifying and simplifying production processes

Our solution

SMART_Lab, the marketing platform developed by Stämpfli, covers three main areas: Enabling 130 pharmacies to create personalized editorials for the “TopPharm Ratgeber” magazine; enabling pharmacies to create and order various other printed matters such as sales posters or business cards; and data preparation and generation for TopPharmCardPlus statements of 200,000 TopPharm customers.

Advantages with SMART_Lab

  • Simple, intuitive platform
  • Greater independence for the individual pharmacies
  • Reduced effort for TopPharm’s central marketing office
  • Secured CI/CD
  • Higher process reliability
  • Order overview and reporting functions
  • Automated notifications
  • Cost-center oriented orders with direct delivery to member pharmacies
  • Modular solution that can be expanded at any time

Services: Concept, project management, SMART_Lab programming, digital printing, personalization, assembly, shipping

Products: Stationary, business cards, envelopes, posters, job and image ads, supplements in A4/A5 format

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