VPET Switzerland: Redesign of the “FOLIO” magazine

Stämpfli Communication redesigned the “FOLIO” magazine published by the Swiss association for vocational and professional education and training (VPET). With its new bold design, this official publication received a more independent and contemporary look. In Switzerland, VPET is the place to go for answers on trade-specific, professional, and political questions regarding vocational and professional education and training. The association cultivates a dialog between the Swiss federal government, the cantons, and vocational organizations and plays a distinctive role within the Swiss professional education and training network. 

Services: consultation, concept, design, print and mailing






The “FOLIO” front cover is characterized by a blurry image referring to the main topic of the current issue. Being out of focus, the image symbolizes the unanswered questions initially surrounding that topic. These questions are thoroughly answered in each issue – based on solid research. By answering the questions precisely and exactly, the blurriness disappears and the topic becomes “clear”. This approach is explained on the inside front cover, which also shows the cover image in focus.


Symbiosis of education and professional information exchange
Thanks to its well defined structure, the magazine’s new design facilitates the exchange of professional information among experts in the field of education while fulfilling the educational and interpersonal requirements within the association’s various areas of activity.

Play with fonts
The combination of GT Sectra, GT America, and GT America Mono fonts visualizes diversity within the vocational and educational sectors, forming a versatile triad.

Modular layout grid
The modular layout grid facilitates a playful, yet clearly structured arrangement of contents, underlining the individuality of the different topics discussed in “FOLIO”. Thanks to the variable type area (column spaces and gutters), a large variety of text amounts can be accommodated, resulting in pleasantly diverse article layouts.


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