Book binding

Stämpfli produces in Switzerland! Our book binding offers comprehensive services encompassing cutting, folding, perfect binding, saddle stitching and book sewing. In addition, our manual book binding also offers manual work processes such as the insertion of inserts and of content in loose-leaf binders.

We distinguish between the following types of binding:


In saddle stitching, your top quality printed product is held together with fine wire staples. In the stapler, the wire is cut to a defined length and then shaped into a wire staple. These staples are then driven through the printed product being bound.


Perfect binding is a premium alternative to saddle stitching and is especially suitable for catalogs, business reports and brochures of all kinds. In this binding process, individual sheets are glued at the spine to form a block of interior pages.


Book sewing is the classic way of binding a book and also results in the best quality binding. In this binding method, folded sections of a book or brochure are bound with a tacking thread.

We are happy to advise you on the subject of printing and show you just the right solution to fit your needs.


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