Editing system

A further service offered by Stämpfli Publishing Systems is the provision of editing systems. They facilitate work processes and also collaboration of designers and editors because they offer a centrally stored database on which several participants can work at the same time. In addition they are particularly suitable for processing both for print and also for online and mobile publications.

Stämpfli EditorBox: multi-channel publishing at a new level

The challenges in everyday editing and content management are enormous. Target groups are supposed to be reached anytime, anywhere. Editorial planning and coordination as well as the merging and management of different types of content (texts, images, videos, graphics, audio files, etc.) for the individual articles can become arduous and confusing quite quickly.

Our content management system, the Stämpfli EditorBox, is the ideal solution for making your everyday work easier. Based on Woodwing, the Stämpfli EditorBox helps you to plan and assists you with content creation. It also enables central and straightforward data storage and regulates the work processes. With this system, publishing content on websites, apps, social networks and in print publications is as easy as can be.

The latest update of the Stämpfli EditorBox gives editorial teams and marketing departments a tool for recording content in a media-neutral fashion. The application is compelling in its simplicity. The product is based on HTML5 and can be run trouble-free using all current web browsers. Local installations are a thing of the past. Following the motto “Content first!”, content is locally collected and prepared for editing and processing. A prior configuration automatically controls which content is published in which channels. The output channels are chosen at the press of a button.

Several functions

All content pertaining to an article is stored in a central place in what this system calls a dossier and is used as needed.

Structured recording procedure
The structured procedure for recording content accelerates the publication over various output channels.

Template-based automation
Content can be transmitted via predefined interfaces and templates on websites and apps and placed in layouts as printed articles.

Accessible anytime, anywhere
Content can be created, managed or published from each device anytime and anywhere using the web browsers.

Teams collaborate over the Internet. They can communicate by means of messages, comments, and notes.

Publication overview
The publication overview provides a survey of the layouts and their status.

Responsive design
The articles are automatically adapted by the HTML5 technology to the corresponding terminals.


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