Communication for associations

Thanks to our cooperation with more than 200 associations, we are very familiar with your demands and challenges. Leverage our experience and our comprehensive range of services in the areas of consulting, conceptualization, and implementation:


We see ourselves as partners of associations. In addition to our services, we also take responsibility for the demands of managers and their communications and/or marketing officers. We network, provide new dynamics, and convey thoughts, ideas, and solutions.

Study on communication for associations (in german)

IMPULS lecture series on communication for associations (in german)


Communication services

Member marketing

Vocational training and continuing education

– Consultation and concepts– Consultation and concepts– Training materials
– Workshops– Workshops– Concept
– Digital media– Design– Design
– Print media– Images and text– Images and text
– Multi-channel publishing– Social media– Prepress
– Marketing– Online marketing– Production
– Printed matters for associations



Andi Huggel
Andi Huggel

Head of communication for associations

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