Kunsthalle Bern

Stämpfli has supported Kunsthalle Bernfor many years. By doing so, we wish to highlight the role of this internationally important institution.

The mission of Kunsthalle Bern is to display the works of contemporary artists and promote discussion about them. The Kunsthalle therefore makes an outstanding contribution to the Bern art scene and provides a forum which can help visitors to enhance the way in which they view art works.

OVRA Archives

OVRA Archives® is a project created at the initiative of artists themselves to promote, intermediate and network artists by archiving their works.

Artists included in the database are given an opportunity to design a special signed and numbered OVRA EDITION available in a limited print run. These works will appear at irregular intervals to mark special events over the next few years. These editions are not intended to be expensive glossy products. They meet the need felt by artists to experiment and try their hand at the printed medium. The artists receive five voucher copies and a symbolic contribution.

OVRA EDITIONS are produced and sponsored by Stämpfli Publikationen AG.

Other projects

Stämpfli also supports many individual projects in different cultural areas every year.

Sports and youth

BSV Future Bern

Stämpfli is the main sponsor of BSV Future Bern, the youth organization of the top national handball club. The annual Stämpfli Cup, the top class junior handball tournament, is the flagship of this commitment.

Basic and further training have always played a central role at Stämpfli. The promotion of young people in both popular and top sport helps to give them a meaningful occupation and provides strong support for BSV Bern in this activity.

Stämpfli provides some 35 apprenticeships in nine different professions, including one KV sport apprenticeship.

Women’s Team Handball Rotweiss Thun 

In addition to men’s team handball, Stämpfli also supports women’s team handball, sponsoring the Women’s Team Handball Club Rotweiss Thun since 2018. Our employee Michelle Schmied is a member of the club’s A team.  


Cat Specialist Group

The Cat Specialist Group (Cat SG) is responsible for watching over and protecting the 36 species of cats living in the wild state throughout the world. It coordinates more than 200 leading scientists, nature conservationists and wildlife managers in 57 countries. The Cat SG works on behalf of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The main task of Cat SG is to draw up and keep the Red list of endangered species of animals and plants.

Stämpfli provides financial and active support for Cat SG, so making its contribution to the conservation of our wonderful fauna.


We attribute our success not least to the longstanding cooperation with partners from various branches.

Our Partners

across Systems GmbH

Software platform for computer-supported translation of languages.
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ALSO Switzerland

Distributor and logistics service provider for the IT, consumer electronics and telecommunications sectors.
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Standard software manufacturer for Enterprise Marketing Management solutions

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CMB Informationssysteme GmbH

Specialists in digital media management processes.

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manroland Swiss AG

System provider in the printing and media industry market.

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Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

Manufacturer of sheet-fed offset and digital printing presses also active in the field of precision engineering.

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Inapa Schweiz AG

Supplier of packaging for printers.

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Fischer Papier AG

Supplier of paper.

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Herrlich & Ramuschkat GmbH

Software manufacturer and service provider for the business, care, education and event-catering sectors.

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Itsa – Inter-Translations SA

Service provider for specialist translations and language services

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Mayoris AG

Specialist in e-mail marketing.

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Spherix AG

Service provider in the online and mobile media area.

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Werk II GmbH

Developer of the standard software priint:suite

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Our memberships

Bernese SMEs

The umbrella organization representing small and medium-sized enterprises in the canton of Bern. As the largest trade association in the canton of Bern, Bernese SMEs is an important voice in politics, business and society.

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Berner Kunstfonds

In 1993, the Berner Kunst Fond was founded by the «Verein der Freunde Kunstmuseum Bern», the Bernische Kunstgesellschaft (art society) and the Kunsthalle Bern in order to intensify and coordinate the relationship with patrons and sponsors on a private economic basis.

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Fokus Bern

An initiative that was launched by a host of companies to strengthen the standing of Bern as a location.

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Trade and Industry Federation of the Canton of Bern

A non-governmental organization in the canton of Bern with members from the industry, trade and service sectors.

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«Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft»

«Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft» is a network of companies, industry associations and public sector organizations with equal rights that are committed to sustainability and climate protection in the Bern region. Subscribed companies contribute actively to the City of Bern's aim of reducing CO2 emissions and the consumption of fossil fuels in 2015 by 10% compared with 2006 levels.

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Switzerland Tourism

The umbrella organization representing the tourism policy interests and objectives of the Swiss tourist industry and its service providers.

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Swiss Employers' Association

The Swiss Employers' Association in the commercial, political and public sectors represents over 100,000 companies with around 1.8 million employees from all sectors of the economy.

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Suite 150

Club founded by the “Handelszeitung” [Trade magazine] whose members are the oldest companies in Switzerland.

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As a non-profit organization, this trade association represents the Information and Communication Technology sector in Switzerland.

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Thuner Ethik Forum [Thun Ethics Forum]

Commitment to competition-oriented entrepreneurship with social responsibility.

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TYPO3 Association

A non-profit association that uses membership fees and donations to generate funds for the development of the TYPO3 open-source software CMS.

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The leading employers' and business association in the graphics art industry whose members range from traditional print companies to companies active in the fields of origination, design, production and distribution of presented visible information.

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