We have fostered an open-minded ethos for over 200 years.

The Stämpfli ethos is characterised by enduring values. When we come into contact and work with our fellow human beings, the qualities we demand of ourselves are respect and fairness, honesty and openness, trust and self-reliance. Another distinguishing feature is our desire to perform to the best of our ability. 
Stämpfli represents tradition and innovation. This is demonstrated in our well thought-out solutions, in the way that we optimise our processes and in inventions that take us and our customers and suppliers into new territory. 
We put our heart and soul into our work. We keep our word, because we value dependability – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


As an ISO 14001 and 9001-certified company, we use only hydroelectric power and offer our customers the option of climate-neutral printing. In addition we want to promote culture, whether by sponsoring culture or through our corporate culture: as we see ourselves as part of the whole, both with respect to our company and also with respect to society.

We invest in the future: economically, ecologically, socially and culturally.

Stämpfli mission Statement

This mission statement summarizes our vision and our corporate culture in just nine sections. By means of this statement, we want to present the spirit and purpose behind our actions as well as the methods involved so they can serve as a yardstick against which you can measure us and we can measure ourselves. We are interested in discourse about basic principles and would be pleased to receive feedback from you.

The detailed guidelines are presented below.

A family company with a bright future

We are an independent family company, which is still run by the owners.

Safeguarding the company in the long term as a key goal

Our efforts are aimed at successfully running and further developing our company in the interest of our employees and stockholders.

We earn the necessary profit for the benefit of employees and stockholders while respecting society and the environment.

Succeeding together with our customers

Meeting customers’ needs and quality standards in a way that brings benefits to all is the measure of our performance; we make our customers’ communication more successful.

Our corporate culture enables us to work together with our clientele to build up a trusting partnership thus bringing gains to both sides.

Total solutions for electronic and printed communication

Stämpfli Verlag AG is the leading information provider in Switzerland in the fields of law and political science. Non-fiction books and an online bookstore supplement the legal bookshop program.

Stämpfli AG is one of Switzerland’s leading companies in the communication for corporations and associations sector, offering services for design, coordination, production and distribution of products as well as for the optimization of publication processes.

Innovation is crucial to our future

We are innovative trend-setters with the services, products, and processes we provide. Our organizational structure is flexible and adaptable. This structure promotes cooperation, independent decision-making, and networked thought and action.

We are deeply interested in our employees

Our corporate culture grants employees the right to have a say and to participate in shaping the company and promotes personal health and development, and readiness to do good work.

Our company’s success directly benefits the employees. Their skills and willing participation, their dedication and personal well-being are vital to achieving the set goals.

High expectations of employees

Our employees work hard to attain the corporate goals. We set great store by their personal sense of responsibility. They are reliable, creative and flexible in their daily work. They demonstrate initiative, have a positive spirit, and are willing to change. They consider their own continuing education and training to be especially important.

Firm belief in our ethical responsibility

Our holistic thoughts and actions are based on the values we hold and on clear-cut goals. In performing our tasks and functions, we act as entrepreneurs, exhibiting personal responsibility and self-reliance.

Everyone working at our company has a keen sense of responsibility toward fellow human beings, their own work, the company, the environment and themselves.

Trust, honesty and openness shape the dialog and collaboration within the company and with customers and suppliers. We deal honestly with the competition.

Protection of the environment, national prosperity, and promotion of the common good are all of central importance to us.

Partners in cooperation and suppliers as long-term partners

Our partners in cooperation and suppliers share our values. We strive to build lasting relationships with them.

Our partners are capable of collaborating well and able to deliver top-quality products and services. We satisfy our customers’ requirements together with them.

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